drapery fire safetyWe partner with your facility management team to ensure all soft goods are compliant with local fire safety codes. Cotton, other natural fiber, and some synthetic fabric draperies are made from materials that are combustible and must have the flameproofing maintained. Because the treatment is topical, it will wear out in time.

Furthermore, every building has varying environmental factors that can degrade flameproofing at a faster rate (i.e., over 65% humidity in building; use of water-based cleaning products to spot clean). Our flame retardant has a 5-year re-application rating (and sooner if the soft goods come in contact with any water). Our products are NFPA® 701 compliant and meet California and New York fire codes.

We provide flameproof certificates for each soft good we treat, and advise facility management team to keep certificates as part of the venue’s preventive maintenance records. We also include a maintenance plan that will assist you in managing safety compliance and lessening the impact on your budget.


About The Blind Butler, Inc.

For the past 20 years, Stephen McKee, founder of The Blind Butler, Inc., has been making the world a brighter, cleaner place. Yes, he and his team have been spent the past two decades cleaning window coverings, stage curtains, upholstered furniture and more up and down the east coast, but it is Steve’s sunny disposition and genuine commitment to his customers that truly brighten every venue he serves. Janeen McKee, Stephen’s wife and business partner, brings that same level of service to the administrative side of the business.

Although based in Wilmington, NC, Steve’s office is as mobile as his cleaning operation. When he’s not on the work site you’ll find him returning phone calls on his blue tooth while traveling to the next job. Butlers are renowned for problem solving and multitasking while making it all look effortless, and Steve is no exception to the rule.

When they’re not working, Stephen and Janeen devote their energy to family time, whether it’s hosting family gatherings, traveling with their daughter (20) and son (16) or playing with their dogs. The couple also enjoy volunteering at church and for their son’s marching band booster club, participating in classic car shows, and rooting for the Carolina Panthers.